HC Series

HC Design Studios provides professional design services geared to create a completely custom skatepark design that is unique to your community. Our team of professional Skateboarders, BMX riders, Landscape Architects, and Graphic artists will work directly with your community to generate ideas and develop your dream park. We then provide you with high quality renderings of your design along with a fly-through video and breakdown listing the quantities of materials needed to build your park.

  • Pour in Place Concrete

Fine Grading

Sculpt landforms
Shape radial wall using templates
Compact to final grade

HC Skateparks Fine Grading

Form Work

Construct all formwork to the shapes, lines and dimensions of concrete with specified areas
Permit form removal without damage to the finished concrete surface

HC Skateparks formWork

Coping & Rebar Installation

Auger footers for coping support
Set coping elevation per plan
Field weld & grind smooth all connections

HC Skateparks CopingandRebar


4000 PSI minimum compression strength
Cut wall profiles using radial template guides
Produce uniform smooth hand trowel finish.

HC Skateparks ShotCrete


4000 PSI minimum compression strength
Produce uniform smooth towel finish using power trowel.
Sawcut as needed

HC Skateparks flatWork

Landscaping and Site Improvments

Restore perimeter berming to skatepark edge
Install planting topsoil.
Hydroseed/ re-vegetate as specified

HC Skateparks landScaping site improvements