Jud Heald

Pro Skater | Skatepark Magician
Jud Heald Pro Skater | Skatepark Magician

Jud Heald | Pro Skater | Skatepark Magician

  • 31+ years of skateboarding experience
  • Founder/Owner of Untitled Skateboards
  • First sponsored for skating by Shot snowboards
  • Exotic places or countries where you have skated: Fiji, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Egypt, Jordan, Lived in the UK for a year and have done demos and every state besides Idaho
  • Turned pro in Aug 98 in. ESPN B3 contest placed 6th after waking up from a nap to find out the contest had been moved up due to rain skated with no practice.
    Placed 3rd in a K2 contest at Woodward Skate Camp behind Eric Koston in September of 98
    Skated Tampa pro a bunch of times making the semi final most of them but have alway just missed the finals.
    March 2013 1st in black sheep Pro/am mini ramp contest in Manchester UK.
  • Has been featured in ads or articles in Transworld, Thrasher, Slap, Concrete Disciple, Focus, Big Brother, Skateboarder, and some others
  • Favorite type of skateboarding: I like skating with guys who just have fun weather it’s getting gnarly or just playing a game of skate. That’s why we started isn’t it to have fun? A packed mini ramp or bowl sesh with friends is one of the things that really pumps me up though!
  • Favorite CRC feature/ramp: The ones I get to build, nothing betting then putting up new ramps and thinking about the possibilities as I am making sure everything is perfect just how I like it then getting to uleash on it and skate!
  • Favorite Trick: The transfer no one saw
  • Skateboard Specs: I ride for Untitled Skateboards, Tork Trucks as of right now. If I had to choose wheels I’d choose Bones SPF 53’s

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