Above Ground Skateparks


Every community has their own unique set of opportunities and challenges when it comes to developing a skatepark, often an above ground skatepark is the best fit.   There are three primary build methods for aboveground parks, Pro Series with a MaxGrip Steel surface, X-Series which has a phenolic surface like Skatelite or Ramp Armor.  We also offer a Stealth Classic build which is a custom onsite wood build with a Ramp Armor or Skatelite surface.


  • Pro Series- 20 Year Warranty, Fastener Free Riding Surface, Galvanized Steel Framework, Virtually Maintenance Free
  • X-Series- 15 Year Warranty, Skatelite or Ramp Armor Surface, Galvanized Steel Framework
  • Stealth Classic- 5 Year Warranty, Custom onsite build