Building Communities Through Action Sports

We’re Canadian Ramp Company. What started out as a couple of guys in a garage in the American Midwest has grown into one of the most diverse action sports park design and construction teams in the world.

For over 20 years we have worked alongside civic leaders, park planners and advocates to develop skate and bike park facilities in their communities. Over the last two decades we have seen how these parks have impacted communities and transformed the lives of the people who grew up enjoying them. We are now seeing kids that grew up riding one of our early parks becoming parents and community leaders themselves, all with a passion for continuing the mission of creating places to ride and recreate.

We believe that communities need fun and safe places to gather and recreate. Our passion focuses on action sports as designers, project managers, builders, and participants. 

Getting people outside and active on a consistent basis changes lives, and changing lives helps change the world.

CRC has built skate parks and bike parks in 44 countries all over the world. Our team offers every kind of action sports park solution with the belief that every kid in every community should have access to a dedicated space to call their own. Regardless of site or budget, we’ll work with you. Our team starts by getting community input and going from there.

See below for bios on the leadership team at Canadian Ramp Company.

Nathan-Bemo skating



With a passion for skateboarding and a desire to work somewhere that didn’t require him to wear a tie, Nathan Bemo founded Canadian Ramp Company (CRC) in 1998. What started out as just a couple of guys in a garage has evolved into an action sports development company with worldwide impact. As an avid skater, Nathan’s focus at CRC is to design and build innovative skateparks 

  • Skateboarder since 1986
  • Mountain Biker since 2009 
  • Built and ran BEMO skatepark from 1994-1998 
  • Founded Canadian Ramp Company in 1998 
  • Responsible for thousands of skate and bike parks in 44 countries (and counting)
  • Lead collaboration project with Pro Skateboarders to develop CRC’s Pro Ops line.
  • Contractor’s license holder in multiple states
  • Bachelor of Science in Business and minor in Total Quality Management from Missouri Southern State University, in Joplin, Missouri, 1998


Vice President/OWNER

Focused on the development of spaces that get more people excited about action sports John has led the creative direction of countless project and product launches. Over the years John has contributed to publications and been a speaker at recreation and trail conferences throughout the country. His development of the Bicycle Playground concept has led to the creation of a new type of facility that acts as an ideal first step for any community looking to invest in cycling infrastructure.


  • Avid mountain biker since 2008
  • Over 12 years of experience in the development of parks and recreation infrastructure
  • Actively working with Strider Education Foundation to launch a biking program for public schools to make sure all kids can ride by first grade.
  • Has been a part of hundreds of skatepark and bike park projects in communities around the world
  • Developing the youngest generation of bikers by championing Bicycle Playground parks
John-Hunter on a bike ramp

Graham Cooke


  • Actively involved in action sports industry since 2011
  • Business Administration – Mohawk College
  • CPSI Certified
  • Been involved in 200+ projects in 9 countries
  • Extensive experience with community engagement, design meetings and construction of action sports parks all over Canada
  • Knowledgeable in all build methods across all areas of action sports

Notable projects: Strathroy ON, Sarnia ON, Uxbridge ON, Toronto ON, Hong Kong China, Colon Panama, YFC Winnipeg, Yarmouth NS, Ottawa ON, Mexico City Mexico, San Jose Costa Rica


Senior Project Manager

  • Project Management since 1998   
  • San Jose State University – Construction Estimating and Construction Project Management 
  • LEED Green Associate   
  • OSHA 10-Hour Certification
  • Notable Projects: Miami, FL (Lot 11 Skatepark); Fort Atkinson Wheels Park, Fort Atkinson, WI; Ka’a’awa, HI Private Skatepark; Festival Fields Skatepark and Pumptrack, Avondale, AZ; Fort Smith Skate Park and Pumptrack, Fort Smith, AR; Smith Playground Skatepark and Pumptrack; Boston, MA; Moana Pacific High Rises, Honolulu, HI; Atria Tamalpais Remodel and LEED Certification, Novato, CA; Atria Valley View Remodel and LEED Certification, WalnutCreek, CA; La Paloma Residential Estate, Los Altos, CA
Heather looking at construction diagrams
Megan-Bradley biking at night


Landscape Architect

Megan brings a unique collection of experience and knowledge to our team. She is a national champion mountain biker with a degree in Landscape Architecture as well as a Lead Bike Park Designer. Megan is a critical player in the overall layout and integration of any biking component of a project from both a rider perspective but also as a landscape professional. Megan works to maximize the positive impact a bike park brings to the community while minimizing the impact to the environment and downstream ecosystem. Megan is also passionate about creating opportunities to bring more people to mountain biking and helping to diversify the sport. 

  • Champion mountain bicyclist since 2014, rider since 2008
  • Action sports park designer since 2018
  • Master of Landscape Architect Degree from University of California, Berkeley 
  • Female Athlete of the Year: University of California, Berkeley 2016; Mountain Bike Rider of the Year: Interbike International Bike Expo 2016; National Champion Cat 1 MX Mountain Biking: Mammoth, CA 2016; Omnium Champion: WCCC Mountain Bike Series 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Extensive experience in GIS, Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.


Civil Engineer

Andras came to the United States in 2006 to begin work for Canadian Ramp Company in design and civil engineering. As a BMX rider growing up in Budapest, Hungary, Andras had the opportunity to ride and experience a variety of street style terrain. His love for design and engineering was largely inspired by the rich Eastern European architecture and history he was exposed to during his formative years in Hungary and surrounding countries. Andras has been a part of over 100 action sports projects and has unrivaled insight for the civil engineering considerations included in skate and bike park projects. Andras works with the creative design team and overall project team to identify challenges and opportunities to ensure the final design optimizes the site and functions with other amenities included in the park master plan.

  • BMXer and ramp builder since 2005 
  • Skatepark designer since 2006 
  • Master of Civil Engineer Degree from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary 
  • Structural Engineering and Construction and Building Management  
  • Extensive experience in Pro Engineer CAD software, 3D Designer, and Photoshop image editing software.
Andras Hordos headshot
Ben-Horan skating at a park



  • Skateboarder since 1995, wakeskater since 2002 
  • Pro wakeskater for Nike since 2009, owner of Remote Wakeskates (started in 2009) 
  • Custom and shotcrete skatepark and wakeskate parks builder since 2005   
  • Built multiple wakeskate parks and concrete dams for notable projects: The Hotel Nahunta Skatepark; Kanab, UT skatepark; RedBull DIY Skatepark; Valdosta Wake Compound wakeskate and skatepark; multiple pro wakeskate tour builds 
  • Areas of expertise include: layout, rough grading, fine grading, metal fab, welding, forming, rebar, transitions, flat work, ledges, concrete finisher, shotcrete placement, shotcrete finish, line pumping, concrete flat work ledges, wood skateparks, skatepark design, and SketchUp software.


Site Supervisor

  • BMXer since 2001 
  • Downhill MTB since 2016 
  • Custom and shotcrete skatepark and pumptrack builder since 2016 
  • Notable projects: Kanab, UT Skatepark/Asphalt Pumptrack; OKC Boathouse; Philly pumptrack; Ningbo, China International School Pumptrack and Skatepark; Salt Lake City, UT – 9line Bike Park 
  • Areas of expertise include: staking, layout, sub-surface drainage installation, rough grading, fine grading, metal installation and forming, rebar installation on transitions, ledge work, shotcrete placement, shotcrete finish, rebar installation on decks, concrete decks, finish, acid staining, form work, forklift, excavator, compactor, welder, skill-saw, and shotcrete pump.
Chris-Volkwine biking
Shawn-Zaccarello skating



  • Skateboarder since 1999, sponsored skateboarder since 2003 
  • Custom and shotcrete skatepark since 2003 
  • Builder of 150 skatepark projects  
  • Notable projects: Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Joplin, MO; Menifee, CA; Malakoff, TX; Ponce, Puerto Rico 
  • Areas of expertise include: crew lead, staking, layout, installation, rough grading, metal installation and forming, rebar installation on transitions, rebar installation on decks, acid staining, form work, wood skatepark construction, forklift, excavator, compactor, welding, skill-saw, framing, and shotcrete pump.



  • Skateboarder since 2006 
  • Pro Skateboarder for Demonseed Skateboards 
  • Skatepark/ramp builder and shotcrete parks since 2014 
  • Notable Projects: Charleston, SC; Tampa, FL – Bro Bowl; Woodward East; Orlando Park; Jax Beach Park 
  • Areas of expertise include: staking, layout, sub-surface drainage installation, rough grading, fine grading, metal installation and forming, rebar installation on transitions, ledge work, shotcrete placement, shotcrete finish, rebar installation on decks, concrete decks, finish, acid staining, form work, forklift, excavator, compactor, welder, and skill-saw.
Brandon-Yarborough on a ramp skating
Veronica Larson wakeboarding



Veronica is an athlete, artist and builder giving her a unique and valuable perspective into the overall park design and construction. Veronica spends most of her time traveling the country, and world, building custom concrete skateparks as part of our Pivot Custom team. Her onsite construction experience allows her to give valuable insight on details that can be included or excluded to avoid issues in the field during the construction phase. Veronica is also a talented artist whose work has been included in numerous projects which she has been involved. Whether it is in the conceptual phase or executing the art herself Veronica adds a level of creativity to our team that is invaluable. 

  • Skateboarder since 2016, Wakeskating since 2012
  • Hands-on construction of over 15 skateparks
  • Skatepark/ramp builder and shotcrete parks since 2018 
  • Notable projects and achievements: Abu Dhabi, UAE; Fort Smith, AR; Miami, FL (Lot 11); BA in Fine Arts
  • Areas of expertise include: welding, metal installation and forming, rebar installation, and shotcrete finish.



  • BMXer since 2000   
  • Sponsored rider for Dirt Bros, Blue Six, Etnies 
  • Skatepark designer since 2010 
  • Toured around the U.S. doing BMX stunt shows 
  • Areas of expertise include: skatepark design, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Biker jumping on a skatepark
JD-Fields skating indoors



  • Skateboarder since 1999, mountain biker since 2010 
  • Skatepark designer since 2008 
  • Traveled all over the U.S. doing skateboard shows and contests 
  • Placed 1st (Expert) at the Autumn Ramp Park Summer Contest Series 
  • Areas of expertise include: skatepark design, mountain bike park design, public meetings, 3DS Max, SketchUp, 3D Modeling, and Auto-CAD.



Interested in building a community project that improves the lives of youngsters and their families? Talk to the dedicated team of experts at Canadian Ramp Company. We’d love to hear from you.

Bijou Bike Park - Lake Tahoe, CA biker on ramps

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