Welcome to your community page for The Town of Elrose

Gasper Family Foundation

Proud to welcome a pumptrack to the Town of Elrose!

Canadian Ramp Company

At CRC, we believe that communities need challenging and safe places to gather and recreate. Our passion is focused on action sports as designers, builders, and participants. We’ve been working for over 20 years to build over 3500 parks in more than 45 countries.


We operate through a global network of professionals with profound knowledge in cycling, action sports, tourism and urban development. With experience that spans from UCI World Cup track building through to sport activation, Velosolutions is in a constant state of evolution as we strive to improve our products and services with every project we undertake.

Pumptrack in Redmond, OR

Project Description

Welcome to your Pumptrack assessment page! CRC and Velosolutions are working alongside the Gasper Family Foundation for the Town of Elrose to design and develop a new pumptrack. The goal of this page is for you to help us determine what style of pumptrack you are interested in riding within the town’s budget. Once we receive your survey results a conceptual design will be created and uploaded on this page for additional feedback.

Project Goals

We are so excited to see so many action sports enthusiasts taking an interest in this community, and we want to reward your engagement with a new pumptrack. Our intention is to bring you a fresh design. This new and exciting experience will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Survey closes in...








What’s Next

As soon as all the survey results are in, we’ll get right to work designing your pumptrack. Check back soon to see a concept design and contribute your voice to the second round of feedback. After that, we’ll finalize the design!