Ever wonder what Jesus thinks of skateboards and skateparks? We think he’d dig them, considering that he created our bodies with the ability to do all kinds of crazy and extraordinary things, and our minds with the ability to create boards, wheels, and bikes, as well as sick ramps, jumps, and stunts to ride them on. So when we use our bodies and minds to have fun and challenge ourselves, we think God probably thinks it’s pretty cool.

ARC is a company owned by Christians who are skaters, so we think about these things. We don’t discriminate against anybody, regardless of their particular faith, philosophy, or lifestyle. We’re busy doing our best to love our neighbors in our personal lives, treat our employees and customers well, and create high quality skateparks for the world’s skaters.

If you know Jesus — awesome. If you don’t, know that he is waiting to show you even more spectacular things about who he is and how he cares for you. Next time you’re out there grinding or flying through the air, know that you’re probably making God smile, because you’re using the amazing body and the creative mind He blessed you with. And when you stop to take a break, send him a prayer of thanks for all the cool abilities and opportunities he’s given you.