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Canadian Ramp Company can install a Mason Series track on an existing concrete or asphalt pad, like an underutilized tennis court, vacant parking lot, or under-utilized corner of a larger lot. Looking for more of a cohesive look? No problem. We can contour the ramps into the existing landscape in the ground.
Pre-Cast Concrete Pumptracks columbus kansas

Pre-Cast Concrete Pump Tracks

Canadian Ramp Company constructs high-strength, precision-cast concrete pump tracks. Our Mason Series pre-cast concrete pump tracks can be a perfect fit for both skate and bike projects that call for a permanent, durable, community-sized pump track. Whether installed as a centerpiece to a bike skills area or as a standalone skate-spot, a Mason Series track is a high-impact, low-maintenance amenity that all types of riders can enjoy.


precast concrete pump tracks

If you want to get a feel for what Ramp Armor and Skatelite materials can accomplish, we’ve got a portfolio of past projects to demonstrate what’s possible!


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Interested in what you see for our pre-cast pump tracks? Reach out to Canadian Ramp Company, and we’ll talk about how a vibrant skatepark for your community can transform under-utilized spaces and the people who live there.