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The term “bike park” can mean a lot of things: skills course, jump lines, flow trails, or any combination of purpose-built, off-road, or mountain biking facility. Fortunately, Canadian Ramp Company, through our sister company Progressive Bike Ramps, offers all things “bike park”, including design and construction.

Why a bike park?

A city typically has facilities for most sports, but city planners and stakeholders often overlook mountain biking. In the past, mountain bikers had to rely on their own skills in ramp and obstacle building to practice their sport. In recent years, progressive-minded communities have invested in formal bike parks and have experienced resounding positive feedback. In a very short time, bike parks have become one of the highest demanded amenities for a park system.
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At PBR, our mission is to build sustainable bike park features that challenge and excite riders of all skill levels. We are dedicated to sustainability and innovation and believe that public access to permanent bike recreation infrastructure should be a part of every community. Our team has been a part of developing recreation infrastructure in communities for two decades, and we’re uniquely positioned as a bridge between park planners and end-users. As riders ourselves we share in the excitement that bike parks are getting the attention they deserve and most communities are including them into their parks’ master plans. Whether a feasibility study, concept design, or design-build is what is needed for a project, we are ready to serve and help get your community excited about riding bikes


Bike Parks

American Ramp Company and Progressive Bike Ramps have a proven track record of incredible bike parks, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out our past projects and visit one near you!

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Looking for that missing piece in your community’s recreational opportunities? A bike park offers a safe, fun environment for enthusiasts to enjoy their sport. Contact Canadian Ramp Company and let’s talk. We help build stronger, more connected, communities through all of our projects.